We Know That Our Conversion Was Real

My devotional prayer this morning begin “seeing the work of the Spirit in our hearts and lives, oh Lord, we know that our conversion was real”. I have doubted this often.. Whether my conversion was real. I have been convinced my whole life that Jesus was the only way to be saved. Being to afraid to go forward, it took some peer pressure to get me in the water. When I came out I thought everything had changed but physically nothing changed. I still struggled with paralyzing fear and a compulsive need to be loved and to please others that overrode everything I knew about right and wrong. Then I doubted. Did something not “take”. Every Christian need to know and understand that the process of being made like Jesus is a long and sometimes painful one. They need to know that our hope is in the one that saves and not ourselves to follow all the rules. Know that it’s not about “feeling saved” but about believing God’s promises despite how we feel because God is greater than our hearts. As I continue to go through the process, I know my conversion is real because I have seem the work of the Spirit in my life. I have been converted to someone that does not look like or sound or think like the brand new Christian that came out of the water. The rest of the sentence of that prayer says “and that You have yet more blessings in store for us in the future.” Be Blessed.

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