The Dream Continues

I wrote this phrase this morning. I woke up from the dreaded after-the-alarm-goes-off nap. The nap was long enough that I dreamed. I was at church and our dynamic duo weren’t preaching so I began to wander. I wandered through the children’s wing and we needed more teachers (impossible) there was a computer issue (surely not) and a mic malfunction (pure fantasy). After church in true dream logic I was picking puzzle pieces from the floor under the pew and someone in the pew ahead begin singing a song. It reminded me of “Proud to be an American” and talked about the natural beauty of the country. But it had the line below “Help me to believe my county salutes me”.

SALUTE-show or express admiration and respect for.
synonyms: pay tribute to, pay homage to, honor, celebrate, acknowledge, take one’s hat off to

Well I don’t watch a lot of news and it was only on the 6pm news that I learned that today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. At church we heard the “I have a dream” speech. It seems that our dreams were the same. To have a place of freedom as I have found in Christ and with my church family and to pray for a day where each person in our country truly feels that they are honored and respected by the country they love.

Be Blessed.

I love hearing from you. Your comments and/or questions are welcomed and appreciated.

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